What Is Mink Brazilian Hair

                                                                   It seems you look a bit possessed with high end hair extensions. 

It is thick, full, and luxurious. It is the highest quality of virgin Brazilian hair obtainable in the market, its durability is superb, and its quality is even more fantastic! With this mink hair, longevity is ensured without a doubt. High-quality Brazilian weave hair comes with a doubled stitch weft construction, harvested from a single donor, and runs in the same direction. Keep on reading to know some essential things about Brazilian Hair. 

Where Is Brazilian Hair From?

Nearly all virgin human hair is originated from Russia, China, Brazil, Malaysia, India, and Vietnam. Mink extension’s texture dictates where it is harvested. 

What Is Virgin Hair?

Curly hair
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Brazilian hair is practically virgin hair because it is 100% pure. This hair doesn’t undergo any chemical treatment or processing at all. It is quite natural. No color treatments, no bleaching, no perms, has not been steamed or blown dried. It is unique and glossy, as well. Besides, it is flawless because it is derived from a single door. When buying bundles got from many donors, hairpieces will be a bit different in length, texture, and color sometimes.

Brazilian Hair from a single donor has the following features:

  • Cuticles are running in the same direction; no more shedding, tangling, and little volume!
  • There is consistent length, texture, and color.
  • No chemical processing
  • No exposure to harsh chemicals

What Is A Single Donor?

A single donor signifies that the hair in one bundle is collected and weft from the same individual. Contrary to many believe, it is essential as some people say that is not important. Getting color in your bundles or a consistent curl pattern allows your high end weave to appear more realistic and natural.

See the vast difference in the quality

When compared to other types of hair, this piece is the highest quality virgin hair available in today’s marketplaces. Its quality guarantees fullness, longevity, and thickness.

It is easy for someone to see why our high end hair extensions are tangle-free when combining the same follicle run and extra subtleness. This feature makes Brazilian hair easier to comb and wash. Besides, Brazilian Hair is high in density, which makes it thicker and heavier. It is lightweight and substantial, enabling the extensions to be somewhat subtle and have a lot of body to it. It also doesn’t frizz; which is a good thing for the humid states.

Why do you need Brazilian Hair?

It is not sweet-mouthing that Brazilian Hair is among the best textures for African American people. The hair texture is thick, full, and has a beautiful body that can complement your hair perfectly. It is versatile, multipurpose, and blends perfectly well with all hair textures.

Something You Need To Know about Hair Weave Maintenance

Ombre Brazilian hair
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For you to get the best out of your mink hair, you need to care for it properly. Daily brushing, using proper hair care products, and hydration are highly necessary so that your mink hair will keep on shinning. Always remember to brush your hair before going to bed. Brush it as well before washing. When you are styling your mink hair, make sure you do it gently. You can achieve a desirable result by using a soft-bristled brush, begin at the ends, and steadily work your way up to the root while brushing.

When you are shampooing and conditioning, your hair make sure the products you are using are paraben-free and sulfate-free. Sulfate amplifies sensitivity and irritates as well. It can strip your precious mink hair from its essential oils. There is no direct oil from your scalp into the pieces of hair. Condition your Brazilian mink hair very well to keep it more manageable. You can place a mask on it twice a fortnight to ensure moisture. In addition to that, never brush your hair when it is wet. There will be no needless popping if it is preventable. Moreover, don’t use substantial oils. It can be detrimental to your mink hair.

Whenever you are styling your hair, make sure you use a heat protectant. This heat protectant will smooth the cuticles on the hair shaft, which makes your hair less absorbent and less vulnerable to frizziness when in moist states. You can reinstate dampness to your hair and keeps it conditioned. You can add a protective layer on top of the hair shaft. By doing so, it will make the hair more manageable.

When you are drying your hair, make sure you do it properly because if you do it incorrectly, it could damage your real hair and can lead to mold, amongst other scalp dilemmas. Make sure to clip your hair in sections and dehydrate your braided mink hair thoroughly.

On top of that, Posh Girl Hair is recognized for its longevity when taken care of properly — periodiocally remove your hair to allow your natural hair to breathe and reduce damage. Allow at least seven days before reinstalling your sew-in.